Thursday, 24 February 2011

Daily Heretic: Salamanders!

Brother-Sergeant Ziegler has begun posting his take on pre-Heresy Salamanders, one of the less common legions we get to see.

The Salamander pictures in Collected Visions got me thinking. If the Word Bearers were deeply religious, then maybe the Salamanders were their devout and spiritual mirror. The difference is that Lorgar completely destroyed his homeworld’s previous religion to begin worshiping the Emperor. Vulkan was raised with exposure to the Promethean Cult, where Fire was a cleansing wrath which judges humanity. Lorgar and his legion actively sought to worship someone/something, while the Salamanders “knew” the Emperor was the true embodiment of Fire. Of course, this is just my perspective but it’s a direction I wanted to take with my Salamanders.

Check out his lovely painted MkII marines here.


  1. I saw these guys on TGC, they are awesome! Love the understated colour and armour, and some of the best use I have seen of the new kit.

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